Healthy Homemade Dog Food: Turkey Meatloaf

Mommy is going to try this for my birthday dinner!!

Pawsitively Good Life

Imagine if you had to eat PB&J for breakfast, lunch, and dinner day after day, you would grow to hate PB&J. Imagine how our dogs feel eating the same kibble every day. Eating the same kibble day after day must get so boring for dogs.

For this the reason as a pet parent I try to change-up Bella’s diet to offer her some variety. It’s also a fun way to keep her taste buds guessing. My most recent Homemade Dog Food creation was Turkey Meatloaf. Bella was in puppy heaven each and every time she had a serving. The best part was this recipe is so easy to make! I highly recommend you give it a try.

Bella says “This Turkey Meatloaf is Pawsitively Delicious!”


  • 1 large egg
  • 5oz can crushed unsalted tomatoes
  • ¼ cup of freshly grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tbsp. finely chopped fresh parsley
  • 1 tsp dried…

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Splish, Splash!

Well guys, it’s almost summer and mom has been looking for great ways to keep us cool!  I don’t know how many of you have ever visited Arizona, but let me tell you, it is HOT!  I don’t mind the heat too much, but mom worries that we won’t be able to go out and about as much when it gets very hot.  She did mention something called “boots” to help my feet – I’ll have to let you know when I learn more about that.

Me and Osa waiting for the hose!

My new favorite outdoor activity is playing in my very own kiddie pool!!  Now, I am not much of a water dog – don’t understand why anyone would willingly go into that wet stuff, but I do LOVE the hose!  My sisters and I know when mom is going to turn the hose on, and we get VERY excited!  There’s nothing more fun than waiting to attack the water on its way out – what a BLAST! Mom will fill up our pool, and then fill it with all kinds of balls and toys – it’s really fun trying to get them all out.  I WILL get in the pool if its to get something fun out!  Mom says when it’s 100 degrees outside; I’ll learn to enjoy it even more!

I got it! I got it!

I definitely had a great time running and splashing around with my sisters!  And I’ll tell you, it was all fun and games until mom took the shampoo out. She thought I wouldn’t notice that a bath was coming because I love the hose so much – give me a little credit, mom.  I wasn’t very keen on having a bath outside – who wants to take a bath at all?  I’ll admit, it was quicker than having to get into the bath tub (gulp!), but a bath is a bath.  Mom says, “don’t you want to be nice and clean?”  No, not really!  But the nice thing about outside bath time, is that I am allowed to run around afterwards!  Also, there is nothing more fun than being dried with a towel – I got nuts for that!  And then you can grab the towel, and try to run off with it….

So far, we’ve had a blast with back yard water games!  Mom says she’s going to find us a doggy sprinkler to play with – I like the sound of that!!

Kiddie pool!!

Well friends, that’s all for now – it’s my nap time after all.  I will be posting again soon, as it’s my first birthday on Thursday, and mom says she has lots of fun in store for me….I can hardly wait!!!  I hope you all have a fantastic week, and have a lot of fun in the sun!

Love & Licks,

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

My First Pet Expo

Me and Polly waiting for the adventure to start…

Every year in Arizona, they hold a Phoenix Pet Expo, and this year was my first time going!  It was awesome!  Mom said it would be a very good social outing for me, and I made her very proud by being a good girl!  When we first got there, it was a little overwhelming for me and mom.  There were LOTS of people and dogs everywhere.  We had to wait in a long line with to sign something that let mommy bring me in.  It was hard for me to listen because I wanted to say hello to everyone!  I quickly remembered my manners, and remembered to listen to mom. We met up with one of my favorite people, Brenda (my trainer and friend), and her dog, Polly.

We set off down the aisles of the expo to check out all the cool stuff there was to see!  I had to be very good and practice heeling next to mom’s side.  There were SO many dogs to say hello to – it was hard for me not to stop and sniff everyone, but I know I have to wait for mom to say it’s “OK” first.  I was very well behaved!

One of the first things we got to do was meet Shorty from Animal Planet’s Pit Boss.  It was so cool to meet him!  He does a great job of rescuing pit bulls, like me, and also helping to make people more aware about the breed.  What an honor for us to meet him! Lots of people were waiting to say hello and get their picture taken – I just wanted to say hello to the little dog he had with him!

Meeting Shorty from Pit Boss! I was preoccupied with treats on the ground…ooops!

Just after the Pit Boss booth, there were lots of rescue booths with dogs that still needed to find their forever homes.  I stopped and said hello to a few of them – mom and I wished we could have brought them all home!  We stopped by the Crazy Pit Bull Lady Rescue’s booth – that’s the rescue that mom adopted me from!!  They were so happy to see that I ended up in a great home, and they all stopped to say hello to me!

I loved saying hello to all the people and dogs, but I must admit, my favorite part was getting lots of treats!  I think I have finally perfected my adorable begging face – works EVERY time!  I learned that people behind tables ALL had treats, and were willing to give them away for free!  Awesome!!

Mom and I met so many great people – and all of them loved animals!  The very friendly people over at Berkeley’s Run pet-sitting were VERY friendly, and they really loved meeting me.  I got to meet their little girl, and she sat with me for a while.  I LOVE kids, so I was eager to let her pet me and we became fast friends.  It always makes mom so happy when people are so kind towards me, and judge me by my personality, not my breed.  We will definitely be recommending their wonderful services!

Being a good girl during our lunch break!

We stayed at the expo for several hours, and met so many wonderful people and animals.  I got to play with quite a few four-legged friends, too!  A bunch of people asked if I was available for adoption, but mom had to set them straight – I guess I am pretty cute!  After all the walking, meet-and-greeting, and play time, I was exhausted!  Once we got back to the car, I was out in minutes!


It was such a neat experience for us!! We really hope to be back again next year.  It’s always wonderful when we can share our experiences with new people, and help show everyone that pit bulls are wonderful dogs!  I think I was able to change a few minds, and that makes me very happy!

If any of you get the opportunity to go to a Pet Expo – take it!  You will have so much fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and remember to follow us on Word Press and Facebook!

Love and licks,


“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

Stem Cell Shenanigans 

So, I figured I should share what my week has been like.  It’s been a little different for me because I had to have surgery on Tuesday.  You see, I have hip dysplasia.  This is a congenital disease, which my mom says, means that I was born with it.  It causes me to have pain and stiffness in my back legs.  Another doctor (an orthopedic surgeon) also felt me knees and said I also have a problem with my right knee – this is the one that sometimes hurts me and makes me limp.  Mommy was sad because I have trouble getting up when I am laying down – my back legs aren’t as strong as they should be!  The doctors don’t think I need orthopedic surgery right now, but are hoping stem cell therapy would help me feel better, and with any luck, avoid orthopedic surgery alltogether.  My mom really doesn’t want me to have to have that type of surgery if possible – and I agree!!

My awesome veterinarian, Dr. Newland, performed my surgery on Tuesday.  Mom explained to me what was going to happen.  They gave me a small injection that made me feel pretty tired – I wasn’t worried about a thing after that!  They also drew some blood from me, this is in order to collect my Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which is part of the Stem Cell process.  Dr. Newland, then put me under anesthesia and removed a layer of fat (adipose tissue) from my tummy.  The techician then processes this tissue, adds the PRP, and activates the stem cells under a special light.  Once that process is complete, I received a second sedation, and Dr. Newland injected the Stem Cells into both my hip joint, my right knee and intravenously.  Then I woke up, and my mommy sat with me so I wasn’t scared  – I was VERY brave the whole time!

Mom now says that I have to rest since I had surgery, but I don’t really like the sound of that!  I’ve been trying to be good, but I don’t feel painful, so I just want to run around and play!  So far, I haven’t been limping, but I am getting a little anti-inflammatory medication every day.  Hopefully, once mom stops giving me that, I will feel better from the cells!  Mom says we have to be hopeful, and let them work their magic! 

I’m so thankful that mom works with an awesome veterinarian who is able to do this procedure!  Please keep your fingers crossed for me – and thanks to all my Facebook friends for all the kind words and healing vibes!!

Love and licks,


Here is a picture of me after surgery – I was very brave!

First Things First

Hello friends! My name is Arya, and I am a 10 month old pit bull.  I live in Arizona with my mommies, and a whole gang of furry pals!  I was adopted from a local rescue at 12 weeks old, and I have been loved ever since!  My goal is to help change the way people see my breed – we are not the monsters that the media often makes us out to be.  I am definitely a lover, NOT a fighter, as the saying goes.

I am a gentle soul, and I love EVERYONE!  Whether you’re a person, dog, cat, or mailman; I consider you my friend.  Mommy says I don’t know what strangers are, and I doubt I ever will!  I live with a big dog, little dog, and several cats.  I love them all very much, but I don’t think they are always that keen on me – I really like to lick their faces.

Since I was adopted, I have been “in training”.  I really love working with mom, and I am always eager to figure out what it is that she wants me to do.  I know a lot of commands, and I’m pretty smart (at least that’s what I’m told!).  I graduated from my puppy class with my trainer, Brenda, at Awesome Mannered Canines last year.  I am now taking a class with my mom every Sunday to work towards earning my Canine Good Citizen certification.  This is an AKC title that shows people that I am a well-mannered canine in my community.  I have to work very hard, but mom thinks I am almost ready to take my test!!

Mom also takes me loads of places for socialization.  I don’t really know what that’s all about, but it MEANS that we get to go to all kinds of cool places!  We like to go to dog-friendly restaurants every week, and I get to go anywhere that dogs are welcome!  My favorite places to go are Buzzberry, Julios II, and any pet store (they always have treats!!).

I hope you guys will stick with me on my journey, and help me spread the word that pit bulls can be loyal, loving and very CUTE dogs!

Love and licks,