Supplements, Vitamins, and Such Things…

Hi guys, Arya here!  We’re sorry that we haven’t been keeping up with my blog, but mommy is going to help me get back into it! Today I’ve decided to write about all the pawsome supplements mom gives me to make me a healthy girl!  Some of them are just for my health, while others are to help with my sore hips.

A healthy diet, exercise and supplements can keep us dogs healthy and happy.  It’s important to make sure we stay nice and lean because it helps us avoid many diseases caused by pet obesity.  I still get plenty of treats, but mommy adds those into my daily calories to make sure I am not overdoing it!  Plus, I LOVE fruits and vegetables, so sometimes those are my treats! As for supplements, I don’t mind any of those either!

IMG_2617One of my favorites is Cosequin DS.  Cosequin contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM which are all great for joint health.  Because I have hip dysplasia, I need as much joint support as I can get!  I love them because they are chewable, and taste DELICIOUS!!

The ingredients in Cosequin help keep the cartilage in my hips strong, and this helps with the pain I get in my joints.  Most veterinarians will recommend senior dogs start a Glucosamine supplement, but they can also benefit dogs of any age – especially those with joint or arthritis issues!

There are many different brands, so be sure to ask your veterinarian which brand they recommend!

Another supplement that mommy gives me for my joint health is Salmon Oil. Omega 3 fatty acids are very good for a dog’s skin and joint health!  Of all the different types of fish; Salmon is the highest in Omega 3’s.  Momma just adds this to my food, and I love it!  It helps to make my coat very shiny, and it helps keep my joints strong!

There are lots of brands of Salmon oil, but the kind I have been on the longest is Salmon Sauce by “I and Love You”  Mommy likes this brand because it is from wild-caught salmon, and it comes with a “no-mess” lid.  It’s very easy to pour into a measuring cup.  It’s also made for dogs, so it gives the exact measurement right on the package!  IMG_2614I get 1.5 tsp every day! There are lots of good brands out there, but just make sure you do your research. Here is a great, in-depth blog on how to decide which fish oil is best for you pet.

Another great vitamin that mom gives me for my skin and coat is Vitamin E.  This one is easy because it’s not very specific or hard to find!  She simply pricks the little IMG_2615capsule with a push pin, and squeezes it into my bowl.  I get one capsule of this every day with my breakfast!

Vitamin E is good for a lot of things, but mainly it helps to brighten my coat and make me shiny!  Momma says that a lot of dogs get dry skin (sometimes for medical reasons), but I don’t get a single speck of dandruff on my black coat! We think the vitamin E helps with that!

Coconut oil is very beneficial to dogs, and can be easily added to your pet’s diet!  I have had some mild allergy issues, so mom started me on coconut oil to help with that.  It’s another great supplement for skin and coat health, and most dogs don’t mind it added to their food.  Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA’s) which have a wide variety of health benefits for dogs, and people too!

The key with coconut oil is to start with a very small amount and work up to the recommended dose (1/4 tsp per 10 pounds of body weight).  IMG_2618To make it easier, mom measures my daily amount of coconut oil into ice cube trays, puts them in the fridge, and once they harden; she puts them in a baggy in the fridge.  This makes it easy to jut toss one in my bowl with breakfast.  I’ll admit it though, I have taken them as a treat too!! They’re delicious!!

It is important to find the right kind of coconut oil.  We always recommend using an organic brand of oil and unrefined is ideal.  The oil you want is typically cold-pressed (virgin).  The brand pictured is Kroger Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, but another great brand is Nutiva.

The last, but probably most important supplement mommy gives me is Turmeric.  Turmeric (curcumin) has many amazing health benefits including being a very potent anti-inflammatory.  It can also promote heart health, and has some anti-cancer properties!  Mommy has been giving me turmeric for many months, and about two weeks after starting it, my lameness and stiffness (from my hip dysplasia) became significantly better.  She was just adding plain, organic turmeric powder to my food, IMG_2616but is now giving me ‘Golden Paste’ (recipe below).  This is created by adding coconut oil, heat and ground black pepper to the turmeric to increase it potency and effects!  After making the paste she puts the right amount (I get 1 tbsp) into ice cube trays, and freezes them.  I get one of these cubes with my breakfast, and I eat them right down!

This has been a real help for me because I no longer feel sore and achy in my hips, and this makes both mom and me very happy.  Mom was doing research on major surgery for my hips, but since I’m doing so well now we can place that scary thought on the back burner!

These are all suggestions that have worked for mommy and me, but please remember to always consult with your veterinarian before adding any new supplements to your pets diet.  Do your research, and figure out what is right for your pets!

I hope you have enjoyed my blog!  Please remember to comment and share on social media!  Have a good night, and stay healthy!

Love & Licks,