Making Furiends

Happy Wednesday friends!!  I hope you are all having a wonderful day.  I got to go to the park this morning, and mommy and I met up with a new furiend!  Mom and her friend have wanted to get us together for a while, but we finally had our first play date today!


My friend’s name is Adonis, and he’s a 5.5 month old Doberman.  He’s already much taller than I am!  We were really excited to see each other, but our moms made us behave before we could say hello.  We were instant friends!!

We went to my favorite park, El Dorado, and we took a nice stroll through all the trees and along the creek.


Since it’s been SO hot outside; mommy and I haven’t been training on the leash as much, and I had to freshen up on my leash walking.  I was good, but a little excited to be meeting a new friend!

Adonis is still in training, and he is learning to heel nicely on a leash….he’s doing very well already!!  He is going to be taking classes at Awesome Mannered Canines with my wonderful trainer, Brenda!  I know he’ll do great, and he’ll probably be earning his Canine Good Citizen certification in no time!

We did quite a bit of walking and training together, but we also got some good play time as well.  Mommy always gets a kick out of me lying down to greet new dogs….I’m so submissive!  Adonis was trying to get me to play right off the bat, but I kept rolling over to show him my tummy!  (Pit bulls…monsters? I don’t think so…)


We played really well together, and mom said Adonis can come over next time so that we can play in the back yard together! It’s always more fun to play without our leashes on!

I hope you guys like the pictures of us at the park – we sure did have a lot of fun taking them!  And we played so hard we almost fell into the creek together!  BOL!!


I hope you guys have a great evening, and be sure to follow my blog for more adventures!

Love & Licks,


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.”

Adventures of Arya

There’s nothing I love more than to go out and about with my family.  I may be young, but I have experienced many places in the great outdoors!  Mom says this will help me feel comfortable with new experiences and people….I LOVE both of those things!  Ever since I was old enough to explore (and properly vaccinated), mom took me anywhere and everywhere that dogs were welcome to go.  I thought you guys might like me to share some of the great adventures I’ve already experienced!

First outing at buzzberry
My very first outing to my favorite hangout, Buzzberry!

My first outing was to Buzzberry Bistro, which is now my absolute favorite hangout.  Mom loves to go for their coffee, and I like to go for the people and, of course, the Buzzbones that they give me every time we visit!  They make homemade, natural treats, and you’ll hear no complaints from me!  They simply rock!

One of my other favorite places to visit is O.H.S.O.  These guys are VERY welcoming to four-legged friends!  I have been to one of their locations twice – once for a pit bull rescue and awareness event!  Their new location even includes an awesome grassy area for dogs to play, AND a custom doggy drinking fountain!  I’ve had some GREAT times meeting lots of dogs and people at O.H.S.O.

Being a good girl at O.H.S.O
My friend, Prada and me on an outing to O.H.S.O – we had a blast!!

One of my most exciting adventures, was when my mom brought me with her to California to stay with her parents!  I was such a good girl in the car for the six hour drive, and I was a very well behaved guest at my grandparent’s house.  I couldn’t begin to tell you about all the fun I had in California!  I got to meet lots of great people who were so kind to me.  My Uncle William loved spending time with me – he and I became fast friends.  I also got to spend time with five year old, Elijah, who played with me, and was so much fun!  He got to walk me at the mall, and I was so good with my leash manners!

We also got to go to the beach, and I wasn’t sure what to think about that!  The ocean was a little scary, but I REALLY liked watching the sea gulls, and seeing all the people and dogs passing us by.  We even stopped for some fish and chips on the way home!

My first experience with the ocean….hmmm
Hanging out
Hanging out with little Elijah at a dog-friendly mall!

Another great way mom gets me out and about is through training.  I went to a group puppy class with my awesome trainer, Brenda, at Awesome Mannered Canines.  I got to make some great two and four-legged friends, as well as learn all my basic commands – and some more advanced things too!  Besides training classes, mom and I spend a lot of time training together at pet stores, parks, and anywhere with lots of distractions!  I always have a great time working with my mom!  I am currently taking more classes with Brenda so that I can practice all the tasks I need to master in order to pass my Canine Good Citizen test!  My friends, Prada and Penny, join me every Sunday as we work on more advanced tasks – we’ve all been working hard on our extended down-stays!!

Graduation day from puppy class!
Training class
Ginger and me at our training class!
Cactus Park
Nikko and me practicing our down-stays

I have so much fun going places with my mom, and I strongly recommend that all pet parents get out with their four-legged kids.  Mom says it really helps build the bond between us…..I agree!  We have so much fun, and I love making friends with everyone we meet.  I have already learned how to behave when I am out and about, and that really helps me show people that pit bulls can be great members of the community, too!

Thank you for stopping by, and please continue to show support for pit bull education and awareness!

Love and licks,


“Where you go I go, and where you stay I stay.”