Making Furiends

Happy Wednesday friends!!  I hope you are all having a wonderful day.  I got to go to the park this morning, and mommy and I met up with a new furiend!  Mom and her friend have wanted to get us together for a while, but we finally had our first play date today!


My friend’s name is Adonis, and he’s a 5.5 month old Doberman.  He’s already much taller than I am!  We were really excited to see each other, but our moms made us behave before we could say hello.  We were instant friends!!

We went to my favorite park, El Dorado, and we took a nice stroll through all the trees and along the creek.


Since it’s been SO hot outside; mommy and I haven’t been training on the leash as much, and I had to freshen up on my leash walking.  I was good, but a little excited to be meeting a new friend!

Adonis is still in training, and he is learning to heel nicely on a leash….he’s doing very well already!!  He is going to be taking classes at Awesome Mannered Canines with my wonderful trainer, Brenda!  I know he’ll do great, and he’ll probably be earning his Canine Good Citizen certification in no time!

We did quite a bit of walking and training together, but we also got some good play time as well.  Mommy always gets a kick out of me lying down to greet new dogs….I’m so submissive!  Adonis was trying to get me to play right off the bat, but I kept rolling over to show him my tummy!  (Pit bulls…monsters? I don’t think so…)


We played really well together, and mom said Adonis can come over next time so that we can play in the back yard together! It’s always more fun to play without our leashes on!

I hope you guys like the pictures of us at the park – we sure did have a lot of fun taking them!  And we played so hard we almost fell into the creek together!  BOL!!


I hope you guys have a great evening, and be sure to follow my blog for more adventures!

Love & Licks,


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.”

Happy Earth Day

Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Earth Day!  Mommy and I spent our morning taking a nice, long walk to the park.  I saw all kinds of people and animals.  I always want to say hello to everyone, but mommy says I have to learn to ignore people unless I’m told it’s okay to say hello – apparently not all people love dogs (what?!?).

I love the park!

I saw lots of people on bicycles – that looks like fun!  Mom says she will take me bike riding when my legs are all better!  I really love to run, but my legs get really sore if I do too much strenuous activity.  I also got to see a family of geese crossing the street to get into the water (who would want to get in there?!), but I wasn’t allowed to play with them.  They seem innocent, but mom says I wouldn’t like them if I met them face to face!

A family of geese at the park.

I also saw lots of other dogs at the park.  I wanted to say hello to all of them, but I guess not all dogs like other dogs, either…..there’s so much to learn!  I got to say hello to a little Australian Shepherd.  She was nice, but didn’t really want to play with me.  I also got to make friends with a Cane Corso on the way home!  He was really friendly, and liked me a lot.  His dad said he liked my big head….haha, mom agrees!  It makes my day when I get to meet other dogs!

I was such a good girl on the walk.  Mom says she is proud of me for learning to heel so well!  I always walk nicely on a leash, but she is walking me on a regular collar instead of my Easy Walk Harness, and that makes it just a little more challenging for me to heel when I see people or dogs I want to say hello to!  I’m learning that it is always best to walk in a heel.

I hope you are all enjoying your day as much as I am!  Make sure to take some time today to enjoy nature, and do your part to decrease your carbon footprint!  I helped mom take the recycling out when we got home today – it’s the little things!

I have already had such a good morning…I think it might be time for a nap!

Nap time!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love and licks,


“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everyhing better.” – Einstein